BBC Lost Land of the Tiger gives us hope!

BBC Quote aobut Lost Land of the Tiger: "With tigers heading for extinction, an international team of big cat experts and wildlife filmmakers are given unique access to the jungles and mountains of Bhutan for what could be the last chance to save this magnificent animal."

Biologist and conservationist Alan Rabinowitz who is part of the team has a dream of a Tiger Corridor spreading across several countries, encompassing a forests from the foothills of the Himalayas all the way up to higher regions, where as has now become clear from their studies in Bhutan, tigers can also survive. The pristine forests of Bhutan, quite unknown untill now, are envisioned by Rabinowitz as the "pumping heart" of the Corridor's tiger population. (read more)

The Wild Stripes Say Hello

Wild Stripes Foundation is a young non-profit organization from the Netherlands that wants to contribute to wildlife conservation, particularly of large predators like the tiger in India.

We focus on the man-animal relationship in and around vulnerable natural habitats, by informing putative tourists about sustainable tourism and writing about environmental philosophy and sociology.


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Please contribute to wildlife conservation. Wild Stripes Foundation does not take donations, but you can support us in different ways. If you want to make a direct contribution to anti-poaching operations in India, please check out the Wildlife Protection Society of India, run by Belinda Wright. For other possibilities, click here.

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