Billy Arjan Singh & Tara

Billy and Tara Famous wildlife conservationist Billy Arjan Singh, who successfully reintroduced and rewilded a zooborn tigress called Tara (left) died january 2010. This page will highlight some of his inspirational works. Hopefully people will not forget about him, and others will keep on fighting for Dudhwa tigers and other wildlife.

For more about Billy Arjan Singh's life and particularly his writings, please go to his webpage.


Billy and Tara

You can become a member of Billy Arjan Singh's on Facebook and keep yourself informed about what happens to his legacy. His ideas and work for conservation, and also his Tiger Haven. Some say Tiger Haven should be turned into a conservation museum, to honour the man. Also, there are currently initiatives in order to change the name of Dudhwa National Park into Billy Arjan Singh National Park.









Billy wrote several books about life at Tiger Haven and tiger/wildlife conservation:


Billy and Tara

Prince of Cats (1982)








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Dudhwa National Park
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Billy Arjan Singh has given his life for the tigers of Dudhwa. Without him there would not even have been a Dudhwa National Park. It was great meeting him in 2005 and find out that the man in his eighties was still the man he used to be; a firm handshake, strong talk when it comes to how to handle wildlife criminals, and driving his own gypsie through the roads of the half flooded park (we got stuck in the mud ourselves on several occasions and were surprised to see him manage to reach us at the forest rest house for yet another visit).


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