Make your own contribution to Wild Stripes

You can make in-kind contributions to the work of Wild Stripes Foundation (see below). For direct donations we kindly refer you to the Wildlife Protection Society of India, a small, effective NGO that has successfully carried out anti-poaching operations throughout India, in close collaboration with local Forest and Police Departments. Please read how you can make donations on their website.

You can help the work of Wild Stripes in the following ways:

  • by becoming a member of the global community of people supporting wildlife conservation
  • by keeping yourself and others informed about the current work of NGOs
  • by writing letters to your government asking them how they want to help save the tiger
  • by sending us suitable photographs for our website
  • by carrying out projects as a webdesigner, graphic designer
  • by carrying out an internship project editing a documentary on tiger conservation
  • by contributing to Bibliotheca Tigrina and sending books or fillm material
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Donate to Wildlife Protection Society of India

Please find out all about the wildlife-saving projects of WPSI on their project website and learn about how you can make donations to WPSI.



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Wild Stripes Info

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  • Address: Wild Stripes Foundation Ruisdaelstraat 60, 6521 LG Nijmegen, The Netherlands
  • Email: info@wildstripes.org



Please contribute to wildlife conservation. Wild Stripes Foundation does not take donations, but you can support us in different ways. If you want to make a direct contribution to anti-poaching operations in India, please check out the Wildlife Protection Society of India, run by Belinda Wright. For other possibilities, click here.

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