Books on Tigers
Billy and Tara

Here you will find a large, but hardly exhaustive, archive of tiger books. Wild Stripes Foundation has a large collection of books on tigers, which we call "Bibliotheca Tigrina ". Among these books are the works of famous wildlife conservationist Billy Arjan Singh, who successfully reintroduced and rewilded a zooborn tigress called Tara (left).

Some books are highlighted here. For an overview of "Bibliotheca Tigrina " and other books on tigers, download this pdf-document.


Tiger Documentaries and Films
film wright

Belinda Wright's movie depicted here, is an icon of tiger documentary making. Since these days many stunning films about tigers have seen the light.

Yet, very few documentaries that focus on the natural beauty of the tiger intend to give the educated viewer an in-depth analysis of the harsh reality of tiger conservation these days. Mostly they conclude with remarks about the "last few natural parks where these animals live a safe life". The general audience therefore gets the wrong idea about the current situation, because it does not realize that the tiger is far from safe inside these natural parks and that there are no easy solutions to this.

On the other hand, there are documentaries that focus on wildlife crime, and even include undercover work and film section shot with a hidden camera. Here you will find a broad overview of tiger films with comments by Wild Stripes.

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