Environmental Philosophy
pug mark

We focus on the man-animal relationship in and around vulnerable natural habitats, by informing putative tourists about sustainable tourism and writing about environmental philosophy and sociology.

The members of Wild Stripes Foundation have a background in biology, sociology and philosophy of science.

For an excellent introduction to environmental philosophy, confer teh SEP section on Environmental Ehtics. What we try to establish here is analyse the current theoretical literature in this field, against the background of case studies of wildlife conservation at the grassroot level. Case studies come from all continents and concern the tiger (India and Sumatra), leopard (India and South-Africa), Eurasian Lynx (Germany), jaguar (Belize) and lion (South Africa).

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Debate: Views & Visions
wild elephant

Debate sessions. Pug mark census. Rewilding. Relocation of villages. Government versus wildlife crime. International trade in endangered species. Man-Eating tigers and how to deal with them.

Here, to the left you see a wild elephant, portrayed in Corbett National Park.

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Please contribute to wildlife conservation. Wild Stripes Foundation does not take donations, but you can support us in different ways. If you want to make a direct contribution to anti-poaching operations in India, please check out the Wildlife Protection Society of India, run by Belinda Wright. For other possibilities, click here.wsf logo